Excellent all the way around. Denise is amazing what she does to foster the dogs. I’m happy our pepper came from
Northeast PA pet fund and rescue!

Michelle C. / Facebook

amazing rescue with caring individuals.I’m fostering Sport and will be officially adopting this loving animal!!

Heather D. / Facebook

We adopted 2 amazing pups and couldn’t be happier.Don’t hesitate to adopt from here.

Dave K. / Facebook

We adopted a 10 year old chihuahua last June. She is such a good dog.

Ellen E. / Facebook

the love and sacrifice the members have for these pets is amazing!

Corrina K. / Facebook

This is an AWESOME rescue !

Diana R. / Facebook

I want to give a heart felt thank you to Denise and Isabella from the rescue for their kindness and unwavering dedication to all of the beautiful fur babies they help to care for on a daily basis. The fur babies are very lucky to have you both. Thank you for all that you do to make their lives beautiful and for the joy you bring to those who get to share their hearts and homes by adopting.

Jennifer O. / Facebook

Wonderful group helping animals in need

Kerri W. / Facebook

They go to any lengths to rescue dogs and make sure they find loving homes.I was lucky enough to adopt a little Yorkie in June and she is one little lover.

Bev H. / Facebook

These folks are amazing.they take time out of their busy lifes to help animals in need of homes. they bring them in to their homes to give them a nice place to live and make sure they are taken care of u till they can find a loving forever home of their own. I praise them all. ty for doing what you do!

Gina M. / Facebook

Were great to work with and i found my new little girl!!

Debbie C. / Facebook

Amazing group of people They do a great job with rescuing unwanted and dumpedm dogs and pup!The fosters are a great group of people! THEY also have a greatgroupof volunteers thattransport the pups

Rose S. / Facebook

Great organization. Volunteers are devoted to rescue safety and work endlessly to find perfect forever homes to these animal.

Grace H. / Facebook

Absolutely an Awesome, Amazing Rescue,,,,God has blessed these animals and all the great, wonderful people who have been involved. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Terri J. / Facebook

I cannot say enough GREAT things about this rescue!! They genuinely care about each and every animal that they save. And their compassion and love for these animals doesn’t end once they are adopted. This is truly an amazing organization!

Shelby A. / Facebook

Katie and I have adopted two rescues from NEPA Pet fund. The experiences were excellent! This group can’t do enough for the pets and adopters!

Stephen S. / Facebook

AH-MAZING!!!I have dealt with a lot of rescues over the years & these guys are just top notch!They do a wonderful job of making sure the dogs in their care get the medical attention they need, they have wonderful, attentive, caring foster homes, & they find incredible families for the pups. I highly recommend them!

Virginia B. / Facebook

This organization is amazing.The love, support and vetting that they do helps to really find the perfect home for every pet.Each pet is different and has different needs and the lengths that they go to to ensure that these pets are homed to the right family is amazing.I highly recommend either donating to them or adopting from them.We should know, we adopted one dog last year and another one this year from the same foster family.

Christine D. / Facebook